Baltic Explorer-Xmas 2012



Just booked my place on this amazing trip! Super excited!! ;D

Anyone else considering it or already booked??

Looking forward to meeting up with you all.


Laura :wink:


Hey Laura,

I’m on this tour as well, I’ve been watching out for someone else here, you’re the first other person I’ve spotted! It’s going to be great, cold, but great! :slight_smile:



Hey Sinead,

Great to hear from you…I think you’re right…its gunna be a cold one. Im bringing a ski jacket in preparation!

Can’t wait ;D


Hi Laura, oh yeah we’ll need seriously warm clothes! Where are you coming from? I’m from Ireland and I’ve spent Christmas in Eastern Europe before, the best thing you can bring is ice grips for your shoes, it’s hard to walk around! Brilliant winter wonderland photos though ;D


Hey Sinead,

Im an Aussie who lives in London curretly…So will be heading over from GAtwick ;D.

Thanks for the tips on the ice grips…will look into that!

Never been travelling for Christmas…but looking forward to it. Didnt want to spend this one barging in on someone elses xmas party…again. haha


Hey Laura, at least you’ve had time to adjust to colder weather! It will be cool in Russia at xmas because everything will still be open, they don’t celebrate until Jan 7th. My Russian visa arrived today so the trip is definitely on now! ;D


Hi Sinead,

Just got my VISA also…so def coming now too!! ;D still concerned im going to be cold tho haha ;D


Hi Laura,

It IS going to be cold!! It was -7 in St Petersburg yesterday, and -13 at night!! My friend is from Russia and she told me the best thing to do is wear a few thin layers that can go on and off easily, because it will be freezing outside, but really hot inside places, and it will be really uncomfortable if you’re wearing clothes that you can’t switch around easily. So I’m going to take that as good advice! Only 2 and a bit weeks to go:)


Hi SInead,

That sounds like a great idea!
I already suffer in London when I jump on the underground with all my layers…or when I duck into shops haha.
So I will be layering it up indeed B-)

Not long at all now. Just going to look into transfers for when I get to the airport. See what the best option is…as I don’t fancy public transport…or walking in the cold!
I grabbed some ice grips too as suggested…i think they may save me from toppling over… great advice! haha




Hey Laura,

I was looking at this shuttle bus transfer from Riga airport into the old town centre, it’s better than the public bus but cheaper than a taxi, works out at about 5 euro or 4 sterling I think.

When are you planning to arrive? I’m getting into Riga at lunchtime on the 20th, I have to leave Dublin at 4 in the morning, yawn! It was either a mad early start to arrive in Riga at a decent hour of the day, or a decent hour of the day start to arrive in Riga in the middle of the night, which I did not fancy! ;D



Hahaha funny you should say that…as my flight options were about the same. SO i get in at 13.30 in Riga, on the 21st. Leaving heathrow at 7.00am…so not too offensive. lol. Will be there in time for the dinner meeting etc :slight_smile: