Balkans & ski


Hey , anyone going on the Balkans & ski tour in Eastern Europe over Christmas???

I’m a 18 solo traveller from Australia and I would love to chat and meet some new people for this trip


Hi Maddilyn18, It will be nice to be there on Christmas. But I am wondering what will you gift me on that occasion as being it Christmas i deserve that, Ha… Ha…, just kidding.
Majorca Airport Transfer


Ha ha marryjohna1 ,
Where are you from??


Hi, I belong to your heart and mind, What do you think… :grinning:


Hi @Maddilyn18, I’m thinking about doing it. Be curious to know how many have booked. I’m off to do the Northern Exposure in less than 6 weeks. But thought this would be good over Christmas holidays. I think another Christmas at home will drive me nuts :smiley:

I’m from Brisbane Q.