Balkan Explorer July 2014

Hey guys!

I am thinking about doing this tour and wanted to see who else would be interested since I think its a new tour next year.

Looking at departing July 19 2014!


Hey! I’m thinking about doing this one sometime in July as well. Not sure exactly when yet since I want to link it up with an Eastern Escape. Did a couple of explorer tours last year (Bravo Italia, and Britain and Ireland) and they were fantastic so I was excited to see they added one for southeastern Europe.

I plan to visit the Balkan countries in August of 2014. The planned route is Croatia (coast) - Montenegro - Macedonia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Serbia - Croatia (Zagreb). I have already collected some information so that you can feel free to ask me anything you may need. I’m more familiar with the Croatian, Serbia and Bosnia, but I hope to have more information on other countries till August.

Hi! I’m thinking of doing this tour too, on July 19th as well! Although I might just do the first part- the Dubrovnik to Budapest. I will already be traveling before this so I’m not sure I want to do the whole 15 days… 8 days might be enough.

Have you heard anything about accommodations? I’ve never done a topdeck trip before ever, but I hear sometimes accommodations can be tricky. I just really like this tour because I’ve always wanted to go to these exact spots.

Just signed up for the 19 July one! It’s hard to say exactly what to expect with accommodations on this one since it’s a new tour, but they were mostly good on the other trips I took. The explorer tours are pretty much all hotels, and are usually right in town in my experience. Only had two that were outside the city last time, and one of those was in Venice because the bus was too heavy to be brought closer to town.