Balkan Explorer Aug 19 - Sept 02 2017


Hi just wondering who else is on this trip??


Hey Lucy, i think i may book into this tour :slight_smile: My bdays on the 19th so keen not to spend it alone! Have you booked into this tour?


Hey Maggie. Yes I have indeed booked on this tour :blush: where are you from?


So sorry for the late response Lucy! I didnt see that you responded! I’m from Australia, yourself? I’m doing a 3 months euro trip and this tour looks amazing. havent booked int yet but looking to do so!


From Sydney. Ah exciting times ahead.


Are you doing any other tours? Thinking about the greek island hopper too


No not this time. The Greek Islands are amazing though


Hello all - I just booked into this tour today! I’m from Sydney and travelling solo :slight_smile:


Welcome! I cant wait


Hi guys, I am seriously thinking of booking on this tour. It sounds great. I also want to do the Greek island hopper as well. I am from Tassie and 31. Although, I will have just turned 32 by the time this tour starts.


Age doesn’t matter. My last tour ages were from 19-39!


I hope so! I don’t want to be the ‘old one’ lol.


Age is just a number :wink:


You sound like me haha! I’m off on my 1st top deck in 64days lol and I’d say I’ll be one of the older ones there on my own… :confused: feeling bit odd about it lol i know how u feel lol


Lol. You will be fine. I did my first TopDeck trip and first overseas trip two years ago. I thought I would be the oldest but there were actually quite a few older than me. They were such a great bunch of people and I got along so well with everyone!


Hi Guys! Just officially booked myself on this trip! So excited! I am also doing the Greek Island Hopper tour afterwards :grinning:




Hi! Just wondering what everyone is doing before and after the tour? And what’s days people are arriving?


I arrive day of tour at 12 into the airport. And fly out the next morning to London.


cool, I arrive the day before I think. Are you spending time in London afterwards?