Bali Trip May 15th


Hi all,

Anyone else doing the Bali Island Hopper tour 15th May. I will be travelling solo so curious to see who’s in! :grin:


Hi Amy,

My friend Alexandra and I will be doing the May 15th tour!! SO excited!! :smile:

We’re both Canadians and in our early 20’s - We’ll be finishing our month long trip with this Bali tour!


Oh how awesome! I’m laaaate 20’s HAHAHHA from South Africa - can’t wait to meet you guys! :wink: Going to be amazing


That’s awesome! So excited to meet everyone :slight_smile: I wonder how many more will be joining us!


Dear lawwwd! This trip is fast approaching and im so sooo excited :grin: This is Alexandra btw! Is there a spot where it shows how many people have signed up to this tour?


Hi :slight_smile:


Hi Laura! Welcome to the group :smile: Are you travelling solo as well?


Yes I’m coming on the Bali trip, I’m from London! I’m so excited!:grin:


Is anyone staying in the hotel the night before?


Hi! My male flatmate and myself (female) are coming along on the trip and we’re staying at the hotel the night before it starts too :slight_smile: we’re from NZ


Bali is a too amazing place in Asia. More information about Bali Go to site.


Hi, I’m Siobhan from Australia! When everyone is arriving in Bali? I’m arriving tomorrow, so just wondering if anyone is free/ wants to meet up on Saturday? We can get the tour started early :slight_smile:


Yes I’m coming on the Bali trip… but i want to going Kashmir Trip really awesome place…