Bali Island Hopper


This looks like a fun little excursion, playing on the islands around Bali! Snorkeling, whitewater rafting… I think that would be an amazing experience in Bali. The only thing is, when is the best time to go? I’ve heard May-June is the start of the “dry” season in Indonesia, but can anyone actually confirm that who has been there?


I read something similar, I will be going for the last week of may first week of June. Hope to meet some of you there!!



I just signed up for the April 3rd start date! Anyone else in this group too?? I’m also planning on staying an extra week in Bali after the tour… maybe someone else is thinking of doing the same thing?



Hi Laura,

I am also pretty close to booking the trip at this time in April. Would also be spending a few extra days in Bail after. But no idea where to stay and what the best options are !!!


Yes… I don’t have any idea either. But I did book my flight so I’m staying for an extra week for sure. I figured I would look into places closer to the tour!


Okay cool. From what i have seen Seminyak looks like a great spot to stay so i think i will spend a few extra days there after the tour :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m just looking into some places now. Seminyak does look like a nice area. How many extra days do you think you’re staying? I’m also waiting for TopDeck to send out our packages for the tour.


Hey, staying an extra 2 nights but basically 3 days after the tour as flight isnt until late at night :blush:


Hi Leigh, have you booked. Also going solo but going may 15 th I think


I booked the Bali trip for end of August


Bali is extremely superb place specially for Bali honeymoon Tour. Last May me and husband spent good time in Bali. It is relatively dry in April-May-June so you can enjoy in this period.