Bali Island Hopper tour Nov 13-19


I’m booking the Bali Hopper tour from November 13th-19th 2016. I’m going on my own. Is there anyone else going these dates?


I’ve booked on this trip and am also going on my own. I’m staying 1 night before in the top deck hotel… Grandmas I believe?! And then 3 nights after in a hotel in Seminyak. I’m from Melbourne, Australia.
Will be great to know someone going!


Hey Emily and Nikky! My wife Sam and I are booked for the same trip, part of our 17 day adventure across the islands. We’re flying in from Vancouver, Canada. If it’s anything like my tour of Thailand in February we are in for a wicked time. We’ll be at Grandmas hotel the night before as well so say hello! Ok after a 20 hour flight I may be face down in a Mai Thai at the hotel bar, but wake me up! Don’t let us miss the party haha


Hi All! I also just booked the tour 13th Nov! Also traveling by myself and will stay in Grandmas the night before (Although my flight from Switzerland only arrives at 10pm the night before the tour… so i’ll be the jetlagged one the next morning ;)) can’t wait to meet you all!!!


Yay how exciting! Can’t wait to meet everyone, just over 2 weeks to go :laughing:


Hi Emily, are you still going on the Jan 15th tour as well? :slight_smile: