Bali Island Hopper- Sept 2017


Hi All-
I am looking for tips of must do/not to miss things that should be done while in Bali on the Island Hopper. :sunny:

Was there a spa in Gili Trawangan that was amazing? :sandal:
Was as there a restaurant or food stand in Lembongan Island that was fantastic? :fork_knife_plate:
Was there an adventure in Ubud that you wish you could have done again or that I shouldn’t miss? :motorcycle:

I would love to hear about your adventures and what things were your favorite. :izakaya_lantern:
Looking forward to hearing from you. :smile:



Bali is the most famous of the thousands of islands in the Indonesian archipelago. It’s been a tourist favorite for decades and is certainly the top destination in Indonesia.


Are you sure about that?