Bali Island Hopper: Sept 17 - Sept 23 2017


Hi guys, booked the Bali Island Hopper from Sept 17 - Sept 23. Travelling solo and planning to stay a couple of days before/after the trip.
Anyone else here travelling on the same dates?


I am still not sure which date in September might do this or 3 September or 20 august not sure yet…we’re u from


Just booked this tour…who else going on this:grinning:


Hi Preshen_Naidoo,

I am also thinking on booking this tour for my birthday, but still thinking about it…


U should do it


Hi Saum,
Just booked Sept 17 - 23 as well. Spending a few days before, probably in Ubud for some adventure days. Traveling solo, and looking forward to meeting you and others.


@Preshen, sounds good! :slight_smile:

@Des, spending a few days in before in Bali too. Planning to go around a couple of close-by towns few friends told me about. Look forward to meeting you too! :slight_smile:


Hey @Des_USA I’m booked on the same trip too looking forward to meeting you guys! @Saum


I also have 2 beautiful girlfriends from Philippines. They are really charming, cute, friendly. Just visit Bali and enjoy that attraction!


Looking forward to meeting everyone…