Bali Island Hopper - May 2017


Patiently waiting for the summer 2017 dates to be released next week! A bit ahead of myself but is anyone thinking about booking on to the Bali trip one of the May dates?

I’m wanting to do the tour and spend maybe about a week after it in Bali!



I just booked may 7th to 13th! flying solo! cant wait!



Hey! Amazing! I’ve still to book my space but these are the dates I’m thinking of! Where are you from?



If anyone wants to chat about Bali in May, add me on FB :slight_smile:


I’m also thinking of going on these dates… anyone else going from London?



Not London, but Glasgow :slight_smile:



Ive booked my flight to Bali for the 06th so more than likely will book on.
Have you booked?



I am seriously considering! Would be coming from Canada, also solo! :smile: … guess I should also consider May 7th to have some fellow solo girls


Hi guys have u booked for the 7th of may?


Hi i just booked on the 7th may trip and am travelling solo also :slight_smile: