Bali island hopper - flights?


I have just come across this website and really interested in the Bali island hopper.
Will be coming from London and was wondering how it all works…?!
Do I just make my way a day before and there is going to be a certain and strict meet up time with the group?
Also, do I fly straight to Seminyak?


I recently booked the bali island hopper for the 28th aug. I booked through my local travel agent. To break it down, the tour, one night pre and one night post tour accommodation was arranged by topdeck and the return flights were booked seperate. Also, travel insurance is compulsory…
You can just book the tour online through topdeck and buy flights seperate online too!
Also the tour departs from grandmas hotel in seminyak at 7am !
Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Hi Reyyan!

A friend of mine wants to know that is it okay if he books flights separately through his agent at Travel Merchant …? Like is the over all tour pleasant and worth all?


Yes you can definitely book seperately.
As for the tour, its my first time doing this one but i have spoken to people who have done it earlier this year and they all highly recommend it! Ive heard nothing but good about it hence why im doing it :blush: