Bali Island Hopper Feb 2017


Hi! Im thinking of doing the bali island hopper on the 12th of feb next year. I just wondered if anyone else is thinking of/has already booked onto this? Iā€™m wanting to do the tour then spend a few days there after but im going to be solo travelling and would love to meet some people! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Beth! I have booked for the tour before this that leaves on the 5th of Feb! I am also solo travelling and would love to meet people to maybe stick around together for a few days after the tour!
I havnt heard from anyone that has booked on the same tour as me, so if your flexible with dates you should have a look at booking for the Feb 5 one! :slight_smile: I have already booked accommodation for the night before at Grandmas Hotel which is where the tour leaves from early in the morning on the 5th! Feel free to add me on facebook if you want to chat! :slight_smile: