Bali Island Hopper - 7th - 14th May 2017


Hi guys,

I’m travelling solo from Australia. Just booked this tour, anyone else doing this tour? I’ll be in Bali few days before.




Heyy yes im flying solo from australia too! Just booked my trip but super excited


Hi Sophiee, which city are you flying from?

Add me on fb if you like - nicci louii


Perth! How bout you?


are you in bali few days before tour starts?


no ill fly in on the 6th and most likely stay at the hotel we are meeting at for the night :slight_smile:


I leave on the 5th, and I am also thinking of staying at that same hotel.


We could meet up the night before we leave with the group if you like?


yea sounds good :slight_smile:


do you have the topdeck app? orinbox me on fb if you have it? nicci louii - is my fb name


Heyy i added you :slight_smile: i might download the topdeck app too


hey i got no add? please try again

yea the app aint working for me


Heyy ive private messaged you :slight_smile: i arrive at 11am on saturday into bali so will be at the hotel about 12ish probably