Bali Island Hopper 7 Day Tour! 4th September


I know it is a long way away but I was considering booking the 7 Day Bali Island Hopper tour for September 4th and just wondered if any one else has booked for this tour?

I am also planning on staying an extra week in Bali after the tour to continue exploring and truthfully mainly surf, surf, surf.

I am going solo so just wanted to have a little see who might be coming along too and if any one else is staying after the tour to perhaps continue together. The more the merrier, right? :slight_smile:


Hi nicole!!!
I am also doing it solo - won’t be around after but super excited to do the tour!


Ah such a shame you won’t be around after. Where are you staying the night before the tour we could get a place together if you’d like? :slight_smile: would be nice to at least know someone when arriving in Bali. Where are you from? :slight_smile:


Hi Nicole/ Sarah - Did either of you end up booking this tour?


Hey mate. Just booked this trip the other day.

Hanging around for 4/5 days afterwards (Kuta and Legian). Would be good to kick on afterwards. Let me know!


Hello :slight_smile: Ah I am still just waiting on last minute things - if I can’t find any one to stay with after I’ll just go for the week then come back to NZ but if I can I’ll stay after so waiting to book till I know for sure when to book flights :slight_smile:


Ah awesome, I’d love to! Just be nice to have someone to hang with after tour to spend more time surfing and exploring. Have you booked hotels for afterwards? :slight_smile:


I have yes. 2 days in Kuta and 2 in Legian after the tour finishes


HI all,

Just seen this forum - I am staying for two nights prior at Grandma’s so keen to pre-meet up with anyone who is also there!
I am staying on for 5 nights after. 2 in Seminyak then Legian for 3 nights so definitely keen Nicole to continue on :slight_smile: I am staying at The ONE Legian (looked like it had a cool pool party each day so that had me sold!). Look forward to meeting you all next Sunday!!!


Hi Hayley, Nicole, Sarah

I have booked the 7 day Bali tour, staying at the Grandmas for two days before also. A pre-meet would be good. I am not staying on though, heading to Vietnam directly from trip


Hi guys. I arrive at Grandmas on Saturday night. Would be cool to do a pre top deck meet up.

Let me know.




Sorry Chris wasn’t leaving you out just couldn’t find name. A pre meet is a good idea on the Saturday evening, Hayley would you be up for it? Could meet in hotel bar



Should be at Grandma’s at 9 - 9-30. Happy to catch up prior.

You guys been looking into other activities after the Topdeck? (elephant tours, buggy tours) They look pretty good, would be alright to do it together.