Bali Island Hopper 3rd April 2016


Just wondering who else is goin on the Bali Island tour that starts on 03 April 2016. I will be staying at the Paradiso (where the tour departs) a couple of days before. Does anyone else have plans to stay in Seminyak before or after ?


Hi There
I’m looking at going on this tour! The dates work out perfectly for me. I’m pretty sure if I do this tour I would have to depart straight away, but it looks like a great tour!



Hi Carla

That awesome. I only have a couple of days either side of the tour. It does look great. First time travelling solo for me but looking forward to it !!!


I am! Super excited! I’m going to be in Seminyak from the 1st of April and departing straight after the tour. First time solo for me too.


Awesome Genevieve ! I also arrive on the 1st so hopefully everyone is keen to meet up before the tour !


My plan is also to arrive on an early morning flight on the 1st and then fly out on the overnight flight back to Sydney on the 10th. Definitely keen to catch up prior to the tour and check out Seminyak!

Genevieve are you staying at the Paradiso before the tour?
Where are you both planning on staying after the tour? I only have one night but the Paradiso doesn’t look that great haha.


I will be at the haven for 2 nights after the tour ends. Looks better than the paradiso lol


The haven gives you access to a beach club. I booked through expedia and got 50%off. Just went the paradiso as thats where the tour started but will be venturing out those first couple of nights i think lol


What is there to see in Bali aside from the beaches?


Awesome. Ill definitely have to check out that hotel!

Gabriella, I know nothing about Bali and i guess that’s why i’ve also booked this trip! I’m looking forward to going to the Monkey forest though in UBUD.

Did you guys know that our departure is the first time they have ever done this trip!!!

Also, feel free to add me on Facebook if you would like to catch up prior to the trip commencing. I’m keen to check out Seminyak on my few days before, but not sure how i feel travelling around by myself - haha.


Ok sounds good Carla.

I only know about bali from mates and family going in the past, but they generally stick to the main tourist areas, kuta/seminyak. first time i have been so thought a tour visiting some different areas was the way to go

Had no idea this is the first bali tour, keen as now !!!

I also wanto check out seminyak but first time travelling solo so yeah im in :+1:t2:


I ended up booking at the Haven for the night after the tour. It looks amazing, so cheap and in a good location! But the thing that caught my eye was the departure lounge they have which works for me because I have a 11pm flight so I can still use all the facilities of the hotel after I have to check out. So good!


Awesome !! Yeah i also seen that and have a late flight !!