Bali Island Hopper - 26 Aug 2018


Hi guys,

Anyone floating around the site who is booked onto the Bali Island Hopper starting on 26 August this year?

I am a solo traveller from Australia and it will be my first time to Bali :slight_smile:


Hi there!

I am also booked into the trip, first time going to Bali & from Australia as well :slight_smile: will you be doing any other travel while over there?




I am also looking into this trip. I am from NZ and doing two weeks volunteer prior to this. When are you guys arriving into Bali?



Hi Tess :slight_smile:

I"ll be arriving quite late on the 24th, haven’t got anything planned yet for the time I’m there before the tour, when will you be there? Or will you be there already for your volunteering?



Hi Skye,

Awesome I finish the evening of the 24th. So we could organise something for the 25th if your keen? I am currently in the process of booking everything.



Hi Tess,

Awesome - sounds good to me :slight_smile: I’ve sent you a message on fb (if your fb name is the same name as here otherwise ooops).



Hi girls
I’ll be on this trip too
Been to Bali before but that was about 6 years ago! Also an Aussie :australia:
Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting some sun :sunny:
Melbourne’s cold weather is killing me
Cya soon


Hi ladies! Only just saw all these replies! How exciting! I will be arriving the day before the tour, and then spending some time at the end in Ubud with family. A bit worried about the state of Gili after the recent earthquakes, hopefully it’s still a safe and enjoyable trip. Should we make a facebook group to get started so we can add photos in once the trip starts? :slight_smile:

  • Lauren


Hi all,

You can request to join the Facebook group here: