Bali Island Hopper: 23 Sept 2018


Booked this trip today and did not see a thread about it on here nor did I see a group on Facebook, so figured I’d make 1. I’m a solo traveler from USA and am VERY excited about this trip! Anybody else going? If so, say hello and share where you are from. Happy planning and safe travels to all! :slightly_smiling_face:


So it’ll be just me then, eh? CooooOOOOoool… lmao :joy_cat:


I want to go also, how long are u going to stay?


i’m really squeezing this trip into my schedule bc i just really wanted to do it so i’m only doing 1 day in country before the topdeck trip and then i’ve gotta get back to real life. it’s bc i have trips planned in october and november so i gotta ration my vacation days hahaha i wish i was staying after for a week or so.