Bali Island Hopper 20th May 2018



I’m Katie, solo traveler, just booked on to the Bali Island Hopper trip for 7 days, departing on May 20th!

Just wondering has anyone else booked on to this trip yet?




I was thinking about pulling the trigger as I turn 21 that week, just need to find the courage to commit because i’ve never solo travelled before. :confused:




Me and my girlfriend are joining this trip as well :slight_smile:

see you soon


Hey! I’m also a female solo traveler and booked on the Bali Island Hopper for May 20th as well! So I will definitely see you there :smile:

Getting so excited!!


Hey, aw that’t great to hear! I know it will come round quick, cant wait :smile:


I want to book Bali Island Hopper trip, but the date not confirm.


Hey there, am thinking about joing the same trip to but am really on the fence about it. I could only find 3 reviews for this trip and one of them sounded like a nightmare. I was browsing looking for any more feedback when i stumbled into this forum. Do you guys have any idea about how it is? Maybe a friend did it, or a co-worker? Any feedback really would be amazing.

Hope to see everyone if i ended up going through with it :slight_smile:



My name is Happy! I’m from Nelson (NZ) and booked onto the 20th of May departure as well. Can’t wait to meet the crew! :slight_smile:


Hey! Aw nice one, not long now, can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Hello friends,

Visit the stunning islands of Lombok and Nusa Lembongan and discover the beauty of Bali’s beaches. Spend your days learning to surf on epic Indonesian waves or enjoy a range of alternative activities, including massages, yoga and village excursions. Enjoy your holidays::slightly_smiling_face:.


Me too , but I can’t decide on what dates to go , maybe late Sept?