Bali Island Hopper 18-24 June 2017


Hi there!
Thinking of booking the Bali Island Hopper Tour from June the 18th to the 24th.
I plan on staying a few extra days either side.

Anyone else planning on booking? :smile:


hi there…
i’ll be booking for that trip :smile:
Also thinking of staying a few days extra either before or most likely after the trip


Hey Donelle!
I’m arriving on the 15th and departing the 26th.:grinning:
if you download the app youll be able to talk to everyone thats booked the trip, theres myself and another lady at the moment :slight_smile:


I might be booking as well! Could be fun, will definitely look into this trip :smiley:


I’ve booked this! From what I know there’s 6 of us girls going!


Hey girls,

Haha I also booked my flights from 15-26 June! I’m coming solo and I’m from Sydney! So excited to meet you all and go on this Topdeck tour! This is my 2nd Topdeck- the first one was amazing so have no doubt this will be the same :). Are you guys travelling solo as well? I wonder how many people there will be in our tour group all together. I know I got the second last spot haha.


lol I’m going the week before!


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