Bali Island Hopper 12/25-12/31


Hi there,

Just booked the island hopper tour for these dates and seeing if any one else has! I also want to stay NYE and another day or two possibly.

Looking forward to it!


I am debating on booking for these dates, however that will be the first time I’m away from my family for the holidays. How far in advance did you book your flight? A lot of people stay at grandma’s hotel the night before.


My first time away from family for the holiday too, we are just celebrating before I leave :). I booked my flights about 2 weeks ago since I will be travelling the week before in Asia as well. I haven’t booked the flight home yet and I am at Grandma’s hotel the night before.


I’ve actually decided to go November 27-December 3. It was a little bit cheaper at that date. I hope you enjoy!


Hey! Im trying to decide on a trip around Christmas and New Years and Ive always wanted to go to Bali. Have you talked to anyone else who is going?? Im definitely looking into it :slight_smile: