Bali Hopper 16 - 22 October 2016


Hi everyone myself and a friend have booked for the Bali Hopper 16 October - 22 October 2016. :airplane: This will be my first ‘overseas’ trip so I am very excited and can’t wait to go on vacation! :island: I am from Australia and I have always wanted to travel… it’s just never happened so I finally applied for my Passport and I saw this amazing trip and thought why not! haha :tickets:

Has anyone been on this tour before and what experience did you have?? :monkey: I have been reading lots of great reviews but it’s always nice to speak to people online. Can’t wait to meet you all and to hear your stories. :smile:


Hello there! I have also reserved a spot for myself and I cannot wait! First time to Asia for me…I am coming from California :slight_smile:


Hello thank you for your reply and I am so happy to know that someone else is on this trip. My friend is coming with me now so we are both really excited and it will be nice to meet someone from a different country. :smiley:


I agree! Top Deck told me there’s already 25 people signed up for this tour :slight_smile:


That’s crazy!! I am so glad I saved a spot early and it was a last minute confirmation from my friend as I only messaged her the day I reserved my spot haha. It’s funny how things happen hey. Not long to go now…lets start the count down. Hopefully we will get to speak to some other people before the trip starts. :joy:


69 days left! I am actually arriving 5 days prior and planning on some solo travel…might as well, right? haha


That seems so far away when I look at that number…I wish it would hurry up already! haha Well in my mind I am thinking 9 weeks so just over 2 months which sounds better but hey before you know it it will be time to start packing! :smiley: :smile:: :blush: I will be arriving on the 15 Oct with my friend Kelly (a day before the tour starts) and we will be staying in Seminyak. Have you travelled before? This will be my first overseas trip - out of Australia so it doesn’t seem real yet…until I am on the plane then it will sink it I’m sure haha.


Hi all counting the days aswell glad to hear its going to be a nice size tour. Im traveling from SA.


Where abouts in Australia are you flying from?


I have! It is an awesome experience :slight_smile: I will be staying at the hotel we’re meeting at the night before. I plan to stay in Seminyak the whole day Saturday also


Hi Nixs that’s awesome to hear there is another Aussie Traveller on board and I have never been to SA so I will have to ask you where the best places are to see. :slight_smile: Only 62 days to go this will be my first organised holiday!! :smile:


Hi Civic I am flying from Sydney with my friend. :slight_smile: Where will you be travelling from?


Hi Galinka it sounds like you are a traveller at heart…good on you! :slight_smile: We might cross paths at Seminyak as I will also be staying there and plan to relax by the beach (hopefully it will be a nice sunny day) then might even get a massage so I am ready for the tour. :slight_smile:


I am flying from Brisbane on the 15th and staying at the grandmas hotel :grinning:


Hi Civic that’s awesome it sounds like that is the place to be. :smiley: Will most likely see you there. :smiley:


I was planning to chill on the beach as well! Let me know if you want to meet up on the 15th!


Hi Galinka that sounds like a great idea. I was thinking of getting a nice massage near the beach as well…so it’s possible we will see you there. :slight_smile: I want to look into the massage places before we arrive as I am thinking they could be busy. :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!
I am also booked for this trip! I am a solo traveler as well coming from the US. first time to Asia, second time using topdeck. I will be arriving the 14th and will be staying at the departing hotel. I am also planning on doing some traveling after the trip is finished for a couple days. Excited to meet you all! :slight_smile:


we should make a facebook group/chat so we can all connect and then post picture of the trip for everyone.


I am also coming from the US… Michigan :slight_smile: