Balance payment & rome start off location



I booked a Eastern Spirit on 1 Sept.

  1. As I have only paid a 10% deposit on my bookings, I gathered from the T&C that I need to make full payment before 42 days of the trip otherwise it will deemed to be cancelled. However, I cannot find the website location to make the balance payment. Please help?

  2. The trip starts off in Rome. May I know where is the meeting point and the time?

Thank You!



You should email Topdeck reservation team and they will send you a credit card form to complete. After the last portion of your trip is paid, you will receive your invoice.


They will give you all of the location information as soon as you’re paid and the pre-departure documents are sent to you.

Just call topdeck directly if you need information sooner.


Thanks! Daria & Matthew!

Topdeck emailed me the form for balance payment and the location to meet up.