Hi all, just wondering if the baggage size is really strict? i just bought a new suitcase to bring on the tour and its 80cm x 40 x 30. Is that too big? Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi nat,

id maybe check with the reservations crew to see if its an ok size for your tour. everything i found was too big for the limits so i went a little under at only 66cm height. ;D


Hiya, mines the same size as yours I’ve called topdeck and they said they have a 10cm leeway policy on each of the dimensions so you should be fine


awesome! thank you :slight_smile:


thanks girls its good to know for future reference :slight_smile:


There are country that is strict when it comes to luggage, if you exceeded on the kilos they require, your other things will be removed. To make sure, just bring with you enough stuff that you will be needed for your travel
and it will be a hassle free trip.


Hi i have the same issue - i have a bag that has perfect dimensions (70 x 45 x 25cm as topdeck requests) but that is not including the wheels - to include the wheels it takes it up to 75cms!! i’m stressing and not sure if it will be allowed. i still have a little over a month to go and wanted to make sure this was sorted. Also does anyone know if there are any dimension limits with the carry on bag? i know you are allowed up to 7kg ( i think on the plane that is - not sure about topdeck) so if anyone can give me some insight that’d be great! Cheers :slight_smile: