Hi,[br][br]I’m travelling for about 5 weeks non stop. 3 weeks on a top deck tour then i go and do a busbaout greek adventure i was wondering what would ppl recommend for travellin backpack or suitcase??[br][br]I have got a suitcase on wheels which i thought would be easier to move around with as im about 5.2"… anyway so i thought i might struggle with a backpak. and i thought that a suitcase would be easier to live out of than a backpack not to mention cheaper since i already have one. but then i want the most convenient option i would love to hear anyone elses opinion on this as i have just under a month before i leave.[br][br]Thanks Laura


I’m touring for 4 weeks. Im a shorty too being only 5’1, so a big backpack worried me a bit. I have found a large pack that has wheels and a detachable smaller backpack. so when on the tour i can possibly leave the large one with the bus or at the accomodation and just take the day-pack.[br]In some places with stairs etc it can just be easier if you can carry something on your back. especially around train stations and cities.


see past luggage discussion for others opinion. It seems a few have taken a case and it was fine aswell…so since you already have one maybe thats the go. [br]


It’s best not to leave anything on the bus when you can. Often the bus is parked elsewhere away from the hotel and at times people try and break into the bus. I found a backpack easier. We later bought a small case on wheels as we had spent to much and needed more room. The case was a hassle especially on cobblestones and uneven roads.