Baggage weight restrictions


Could anyone help with this…I understand that you cant go over 20kg with the baggage restrictions…but if my partner N I are buying clothes and souvenirs while travelling…what happens if half way through the tour it goes over 20kg or at the end does it matter much then? Or is it mainly when you start off the tour? I have a feeling by the end of our europe trip or half way through it may go over 20kg as we’re going through egypt the week before…but if anyone can help it’d help alot.




There is an expectation that everyone buys stuff on tour. However, generally at the start of the tour bags are considerably lighter than the 20kg and then head towards that as the tour goes on. Quick tip on packing is if you think you’ll need 5 shirts only pack three because you’re going to buy those other 2 over there anyway. Use this rule for shoes, jewellery, cosmetics etc. So aim to leave Aus with your pack between 13-15kg and you’ll be fine.



To be honest our bags never got weighed, I know it may be different eveyr trip but I know on our bus some girls left with a full suitcase full of souveniers as well as their bags


thank-you that helps…Im terrible with packing bags I always put wayyy to much, if i go away for the wkend I pack for 2 wks lol…thanks tho :slight_smile:


Did a 28 day tour earlier this year - our bags never got weighed…ever.