Baggage USA Tours


My partner and I are doing a 13 day USA tour in April 2018, this tour is only a small part of our overall 40 dayUSA holiday & I’m concerned about the baggage limitations. I keep reading forums about baggage limits however these keep referring to European tours and was wondering what the go is with USA tours. Our main luggage fits the requirements however I was planning on taking a small carry-on bag (dimensions 55(H) x 40(W) x 23(D) cm) instead of a day pack/hand bag i was planning on packing a small back pack that i could use on day trips etc but would ultimately stay in my carry on when not out exploring. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @MelissaI You should be fine. Your main luggage goes under the bus cargo and your day bag can go under your seat. Maybe bring a backpack instead of a carryon. Unload it in your hotel room and use it as your day bag. If your trip isn’t full, you can probably ask about bringing more but this is how I managed my trip for California Calling.