Baggage on Euroclub trips


Hello again![br][br]Just remembered a question I have! [br][br]I understand that we are allowed to have one suitcase/bag and a day pack. What I am wondering is if we can bring our sleeping bag on top of that or if it has to be in my suitcase?[br][br]Really don’t want to discover I’m wrong when on the other side of the world!! ;D[br][br]Any advice would be greatly appreciated![br][br]Cheers[br]Em


Hi Emma,[br][br]I have just come back from Europe. I did two Topdeck tours of the Euroclub variety (had a fantastic time by the way!!) My advice is to take a backpack… and don’t take too much stuff!! I took a backpack, day pack and my sleeping bag. My Sleeping bag was either attached to my backpack or just rolling around under the bus!! [br][br]The advantage of a backpack is that it is much easier to move… just chuck it on your back and away you go!! Amazing how much easier it is to go up and down stairs with a backpack than it is with suitcases… Laughed alot at those people that did opt for a case, struggling as I wandered past them!! He, hee![br][br]Another good thing about the backpack… they are generally smaller than a suitcase and this makes it easier for the driver to pack the coach, and also means that you don’t have to have bags up in the inside of the coach… more room!! [br][br]Hope this helps?! And have fun!! Topdeck rocks![br][br]Cheers[br][br]Fern


Unfortunately I don’t have a decent backpack and I’d rather spend the money over there than go and buy one now![br][br]Got a suitcase for my birthday so it’s just going to have to do! As long as I can take the sleeping bag separately I’m happy![br][br]I can’t wait now…really not long to go!8-)[br]