Baggage + carry bag?


Hey, Just hoping someone can clear this up for me:[br]I am going on the European Getaway - EuroClub Trip:[br]it says we can have 1 baggage/suitcase no bigger than 70cm x 50cm x 25cm, and a carry bag/day bag…[br]Will a backpack be fine for the day bag? Anyone have any experience with Camel Bak’s, and if they may be too large or not for the day bag?[br][br]anyway, just trying to figure out exactly how much I can really bring, as i’ll be traveling after the trip also…[br][br]Also, how cold will it be getting at night? It says to bring a sleeping bag, but any idea on how cold of a rating on the sleeping bag? Mine says it is rated for 50 (deg-F), 10 (deg-C). It is very thin, and won’t take up very much room, but will that be enough?[br][br]Thanks for the help![br][br]- Ben


Hi Ben! Not sure if this will help but I’m doing a EuroClub trip in July and I’m taking a big packpack, a smaller day pack and a handbag/purse/day-bag type thing. [br]As for your question about the sleeping bag, when are you travelling? I’m sure the sleeping bag you have will be fine unless you’re travelling in Winter or something…