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HI There

Can someone please be more specific regarding the NO EXTERNAL FRAME packs that are allowed on tour?

I have bought a pack that only has a frame inside the back of the pack, as it has a kever to enable me to roll the case aswell as carry it on my back.

I am freaking out now as i am wondering if this will be rejected?



Hi Jo,
I think you’ll be fine! The external framed packs they’re talking about have quite obvious metal frames on the outside of the bag. Something like this:

Hope this helps!


HI Brianna,

Thanks, i feel at ease now chick!

First time going o’s LOL



it must be a brissy thing… i have been stressing bout this today… and no one in any luggague shops could help me!!
so im assuming a normal suitcase should be fine? i dont wanna get to london n be wrong


No worries, Jo! Yep, Haylez a normal suitcase should be fine. As long as the suitcase isn’t over the size restrictions for the tour, a suitcase is ok!