Bag Weight


1st time on a topdeck tour, worried about the bag as im gona be away for 2months after trip ends my bag is heavier than it should be. Are they really strict about this or should i be ok?


Hi Dannilou, I have read other posts and they have said that it must be under the 20kgs. You will probabaly end up buying stuff if your anything like me :slight_smile: so prob best to take less! Im going to be away for a month… so I understand what you mean!


check out this link for more info :slight_smile:


Thanks, I try not to buy anything big but yeah I’m going to be in trouble if I do. Its under 20kgs now so hopefully it will be ok. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Just an FYI, if the trip is full and there are lots of bags, we will weigh bags before departure to make sure we don’t go over the legal limit for coach weight in Europe. So if you’re pushing 20 kilograms, it’s probably better to offload some luggage before you travel, just in case!

Happy travels!
Topdeck Team