Bag to take


I’m really worried about the bag I have and plan on taking on the tour - I’m doing Spirit of Europe

This is the bag:

It’s measurements are 76 x 35.5 x 32cm

Is this going to be too big to be on the bus? I really dont want to get to London and find I have trouble with the size of the bag!

Any info you can give me would put my mind at rest!


What month are you on the Spirit of Europe. I am doing the 16 day Eastern Spirit in April. Which i think meets up with the Spirit of Europe on about day 9. I am taking the following bag.

I am also hoping it will be alright.



I’m doing the Spirit of Europe which leaves London on the 13/09/11


Hi guys,

I have not done a top deck however I have travelled in Europe by bus. The bags are a perfect size. It is good to have a bag with a handle and also back straps to use as a backpack. It can be tricky getting around in London with your bag as most of the tube stations don’t have lifts and you need to use the stairs. If you are travelling with someone than it is easier as you can help each other Cary luggage up stairs etc. I don’t think topdeck mind the size of the bag its the weight they care about. My tips, pack light as you are the one carrying it plus you want room for all the things you will buy. I am going on a tour in August and plan to only 1/2 fill my bag. Last time I was away I made the mistake of taking to many clothes, you wont wear them. Take washing powder and less clothes.

Hope this helps!