Bag limits?


Will it matter if my backpack is 75cm x 35cm x 20cm? I read the maximum length is 70cm, but all the other dimensions are smaller.


Hi Tilly, on my last trip there were quite a few people with backpacks like yours, they were a bit longer but smaller on the other dimensions and there were no dramas. The main thing you have to worry about is the weight. So as long as yo ure under 20kg’s you will be fine!


What about weight restrictions?? Do they weigh your bag during the entire trip or just at the start??


ive heard the do sometimes weigh your bag at the start, but they didnt do it on my trip. id just be sensible. if they see a massive bag thats bulging at the seems then they will prob weigh it and ask u to remove stuff. and i wouldnt buy too much stuuf, cos dont forget, you have to carry it yourself!! and some places dont have lifts!


Hi Tilly,

The basic thing to keep in mind is common sense - if your bag is outside the dimensions and also weighs a ton then there’s going to be a problem. Otherwise, the dimension rule is there to basically limit weight. As has been mentioned, a little bit over isn’t a big deal, but if you’re bringing a travelling trunk, then the driver might have something to say about that!

Stacey >)


You will be more cumbersome if you take too big backpack.