Bad Weather


Victoria is known for its erratic weather, so I wasn’t surprised that we had gone all trip with only one day of sunshine and heat. It was summer though and we hadn’t even been able to go for a swim in the Bass Strait or a pool.

So imagine our surprise when we got to MacKenzie Falls and we need our swimmers on because the spray from the falls was so strong we got drenched. The story goes like this: on a cold summer’s day our tour group hit the road to MacKenzie Falls in Victoria.

Not knowing what to expect we were all excited with our raincoats on and cameras in hand. After seeing a road full of beaches and rocks we were ready for anything!

We jumped out of the mini bus and headed for the falls. At the top of the falls we think, where the hell is the waterfall? We started our descent down narrow steps. There must have been at least a hundred steps. By the time we were half way down we had taken a tonne of pictures and we could feel the spray coming at once.

Once we hit the bottom we were amazed at how far we had come down and how intense the spray was.

It was amazing! (mainly because of how far we had gone down and to end up in a gorge).