I have bought a backpack while it was on sale which is called 70L and assumed it was the right size because the 70 written on it. I have since received all the paperwork from Topdeck and I’m not sure it is the correct size. Am I able to bring it? I have paid a lot of money for the backpack and don’t think I can return it because it was a sale.
Sizing is according to the backpacks website: L 79cm x W 37cm x H 37cm.



I too have this bag! Hybrid from Kathmandu? My understanding is that as long as the bag weighs no more than 20KG throughout the entire trip dimensions are okay. However I am also worried about these dimensions and would love some light shed on the situation!


Snap, I bought this one too!
I have a feeling it’s going to be OK as long as it’s under 20kgs.
At least - I hope so!


Last trip I went on with Topdeck there were no baggage size checks. So I think you’re ok. I’ve got an 80Litre backpack, but def won’t be filling it right up. I just got the bigger one just in case.


It’s a good backpack isn’t it. haha.
Thanks, sounds good. I will keep it under 20kgs.