Hey all! Got a question regarding pack size. Does anyone have any tips on what litreage is good for a EuroClub tour of around 14 days?? And for those who have done a similar trip, would you reccommend wheels or a proper pack, as I cant seem to find a backpack with wheels!! They all seem to be suitcasey ones.[br]Thanks!![br]Monique Western Spirit 16 Sept


Hi Monique, [br]I bought a Osprey backpack for my tour, Im going for 20 days and i got the 80ltre pack, I looked at the different sizes and found that it depends on which style fits you best and then decide. Anyone could point out a size but if it isnt comfortable to wear then theres no point. I looked around but i never found any with wheels. Just depends wat you want…[br][br]Hope that helps![br]


Hi Monique![br]I’ve got a back pack for the tour. I think you and i are on the same one actually! I spent probably about 3 hours at an outdoor camping store trying all different packs on. For me it came down to a couple of things. [br]1. Fit - It had to fit right otherwise you’ll hate it and it’ll feel uncomfortable every time you put it on and it could do you an injury.[br][br]2. Feel - There are a heap of different padding systems, gel, foam, both, etc, and you want to get the one that feels right and suits your body. Bad straps can dig in and that will hurt like hell after a couple of days![br][br]3. Size - I got a 65 Litre pack that can expand out to 75 if i need. Remember that the more space you have the more you’ll fill it and then that means you have to carry more weight.[br][br]4. Features - Make sure it’s got all the essential stuff you want/need! The pack I?ve got has got some pretty neat features like built in rain cover; zip up cover to protect the straps when it’s on the plane and a couple of other little bits and pieces![br][br]If you go to your local outdoors store then there is usually someone that will be able to help you out to get the best one for you. They can be a bit expensive but go for what feels right and who cares if it’s the cheapest or most expensive! Can’t put a price on you comfort![br][br]Oh and just for an idea you could go to: [br][br][br][br][br][br]And just in case you were wondering, I’ve got the Black wolf Cuba 65 litre travel pack so if you want some more info on that one I?m your man![br][br]Hope all or any of that helps! ;D[br]


Hi Monique![br][br]After advice from friends who have both coach and independantly toured I bought a hybrid backpack from Mountain Designs. Their advice included:[br][br]* easier to carry when looking for the hotel in a foreign city, waiting in taxi/bus/train lines, running through the airport if you are late for your plane, getting upstairs when no elevators.[br]* if decide to go on any hiking tours when you are overseas you already have your luggage and wont need to spend money on purchasing additional items[br]* save alot of time getting to your room when everyone is lining up for the elevator![br][br]I ended up with a 65L bag (I am only 5 foot 1 and found the other sizes too big!) and my boyfriend has a 75L bag. As previous posters said, remember the more size the more weight you will be carrying.[br]Make sure when you are trying them on the store assistant puts approximate weights into the bag so that know how it will feel when your gear is in it! We were warned off the bags with wheels as the support at the back becomes very uncomfortable if you are going to wear it as a traditional backpack![br][br]I have also trolled through the Lonely Planet forums, which have alot of postings about packs from very experienced travellers![br][br]Good luck, and have heaps of fun shopping!![br][br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


I took a rolling duffel bag with me, it ended up being a bit too big for what I needed but I was happy not to have a pack, I did Athens-London EuroCamping, 25 days. Definitely something soft, I’d say 65L should be pretty good, make sure if you get a backpack that it’s not a toploader because you move places so often that you’ll want to have a front zipper to access your stuff, otherwise you’ll have to unpack all the time. Almost everyone had a backpack, some people brought rolling duffels, a few people brought proper suitcases.


Thanks all! Seems I should go with a backpack style, altho I hate carrying sh*t haha. From what I’ve heard, during the day your Big Pack stays on the bus and you should pack whatever you need into your little Day Pack at the start of the day, cos u may not neccessarily have access to your Big Pack all the time, is that right?? Because I’ll be in and out of airports a lot for the remainder of my month, wheels still do appeal to me. Argh I hate all this thinking, just want to skip to the travel part heh. [br]Dan I was actually looking at the Black Wolf ones, we have Trademe (online auction website) here in NZ and they retail for over $200! Argh. But youre right, its gotta feel good and its no good getting something cheap and nasty. I want a Black Wolf too, just cos it sounds cool, better than “happy camper” or something haha


I got a Black Wolf pack. They are great. Got them from Aussie Disposals and they were on special for no more than $150. They have some great deals and they had quite a good range of backpacks. Mine was 55L and that was heaps. My partner had a 75L and well…that was huge.