Backpacks wot are framless ones?


hi was jst readin my intenery and says no framed backpacks…is tht those ones tht have a frame built into it? .jst checkin mines a mac backpack it have a hardish back bit but no frame around the edgin so sld b all good aye? thanks! jst checkin


Hi Tracey,
Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like you have a classic backpackers backpack :slight_smile:
Is the part that sits against your back plastic, but the rest is just soft plastic? If yes, than you’re absolutely fine.

Topdeck Team


thanx for answering, its on the back ,in the middle wer the straps r, thers no actual frame or anythink so tht must b all gud! i think thanx


i jst checked with ther person im borrowin it of she said it has a frame inside a plastic one on the inside so tht must b fine then? thanx