Backpacker's bag


hey ya ive booked a topdeck tour leaving on the 26th of june.i came over to london with a backpackers bag ,but once i had over 15 kilos in it i found it to heavy to carry so i am going to get a suitcase instead,any ways.

i have a black and grey 65L back pack with a detachable 10L day pack for sale.

this bag has hardly been used and is still in near new condition ,the reason im selling it is because i want to replace it with a suitcase.
inside there are two compartments one larger then the other there is a zip separating them so u can have it as one large compartment or two seperate ,there are also 3 small zip compartments inside the bag.

the bag has very good support and padding for your back with adjustable straps for comfort.there is also a zip up cover to protect the straps which is good if u have to put it on a plane, so it doesnt get damaged,.and it has a built in rainproof cover for heavy rain.both these covers are attached to the bag and tuck into the bag.

the bag has a built in number code padlock which locks the top part of the bag and the bottom part of the bag,really strong zips.

i purchased it in australia for $350 australian dollers which is 230 pounds

i need to sell this quickly .

will sell for 130 pounds,or nearest offer (send me an email with any questions)

the link above you can see photos.