Backpack with wheels or not?



I have booked the Mega European for May 2012 and am still not sure what bag i should get.

I am really leaning towards the Blackwolf Cedar Breaks as it feels very comfortable (in the shop with nothing in it anyway).

Does anyone know how much walking we will need to do with our bags? Is it worth getting a hybrid (they are a lot heavier empty) or tough it and get a proper backpack.

I am a smallish female and was thinking of the 65L Blackwolf.

any help would be greatly appreciate.



From what I have read quite a few people have gone for just a backpack as with some

of the accommodation there is no lift and just flights of stairs.

For my trip I have opted for a proper backpack from Khatmandu and seems really comfy

especially since I am short.


Thanks Guys, I think i will go with just the backpack!


I was having this dilema too until I saw a super cheap backpack on Trademe (NZ auction site) & I bought that.

After reading lots of posts about this I decided that a backpack would be best - I would hope that we dont really have to carry it that far, but I definately think it would be easier for doing up & down stairs. I found it hard enough just up a few stairs with a suitcase when I travelled last year let alone several flights.

Now I cant wait to use my backpack! :slight_smile: