Backpack vs Handbag


Hi guys,[br][br]I was just looking for some advice as to which is bette to take around with you when you’re walking around the place, backpack or handbag?[br][br]Obviously you are going to fit more in the backpack but I have heard that if you take one, you look more ‘touristy’ and are more likely to be targetted by pick pockets?[br][br]I think it would be more practical to have a backpack but am just seeking some other opinions about what worked well for others?[br][br]Bonnie[br]European Odyssey October 31st 2009


I would think that it’d depend on what you plan to bring with you. Personally I don’t think I would bring a handbag. I’d have my backpack/suitcase back at the hostel and that’s it. But then again I’m the type who doesn’t really like carrying much, and can get away with bringing very little. [br][br]I’ll probably bring a camera, but other than that anything else (cell phone, wallet) could just fit in my pockets. But what works for me may not work for you or anyone else, so again I would say it depends on what you bring, lol. [br][br]And I think no matter what you’re going to look ‘touristy’ ;):p[br][br]European Wonder - September 10 to 23[br][br]Generator Hostel September 9 & 23


I have bought a satchel to take with me. The strap is long enough to wear across my body for comfort. The bag also folds in half for extra security so you zip the top and fold it in towards your body. I bought is from Bisonte. It cost me just under $300 but i will use it as a handbag for work when I return.[br]Hope that helps.[br]Andrea[br][br]Andrea


Hey Canuckchamps, be super careful with putting anything in your pockets if you are heading to Italy (esp Rome) and Paris. They are RENOWNED for pick pockets and they are so sneaky that you are unlikely to even realise that they are missing!! Especially if you are using the metro. [br][br]I personally take the daypack of my big caribee backpack. Its pretty small and i can fit my video camera, money, phone etc all in there. Zip the big section and seal it with a padlock that you open via numerical code (not one with a key style lock). My pack then has a smaller section that i put in my maps and some euro coins for those quick purchases like drinks and bus tickets. My camera pretty much lives in my hand!!


Thanks for the tips guys, Lozzie, I really like the idea of putting a little combination lock on it, I’ve heard so many stories about people being pick pocketed etc, thanks for you advice!