Backpack V Suitcase


Basically, will i look like an idiot if i take a suitase on a tour rather than a backpack ???

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What kind of tour are you taking? For EuroClub or EuroHotel, a suitcase is fine. The only reason a backpack may be better on EuroCamping is because dragging your suitcase over the terrain in campsites isn’t always as easy as carrying a backpack on your back.


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We recommend a frameless backpack but there is usually a mix of backpacks and suitcases so not to worry.

I have travelled through Europe before with a backpack and found it very practical.

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I travelled with a suitcase my first tour and there were many others doing the same. This time im taking a backpack because im doing some independent travelling either side of my tour. But if your mainly doing the tour it would be fine. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replies people ;D! I’m doing the Island Suntanner, think i’ll stick to the suitcase as i dont think i’ll be doing any distance walking with my luggage.


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I read a lot about this and came to the conclusion that for a tour a hybrid is the best of both worlds. Backpacks can be a pain to pack and find things in and some airports you have to carry your bag miles, so wheels are a god send! We have bought hybrid suitcases from High Sierra, they do the best ones by far! They are basically a suitcase with backpack straps in a zip up compartment so if you are desperate you can carry it on your back. They aren’t designed to be carried long distance, but certainly handy if the need arises!


Are suitcases permitted for the camping trips (as long as they’re within the size and weight limits)??


i am having trouble deciding between the suitcase and backpack too… i have some trouble with my hips and a backpack but i am doing some solo travelling after i do the grand euro trip in april… so am i better off sticking with the suitcase or backpack??? i am leaning towards suitcase but keep getting told to go for backpack for the stairs reason…

#9 I’m taking one of these, a friend just traveled round south America with it and found it great


As I am small between shoulders and hips, I found that the backpacks were to big for me to carry. Being only 5’6" it also would have been to heavy for me to carry. So I opted for a Black Wolf Bladder Runner 80+20. It is still small enough for me to carry up stairs.


We have gone with backpacks as hubby and I are travelling for 9 months in total. Im only 5" but we have been measured properly in the shop and im only taking a 65 litre pack. Hubby is taking a 75 litre one so ill chuck all the toiletries in his to carry hahaha!!!

We did the Greek Island Hopper in May and I wish we had backpacks for that! It wasnt that great dragging suitcases on and off of ferries and trying to get our cases up stairs in hotels that didnt have lifts was a bit if a nightmare.


I’m planning on bringing a rolling duffel bag, its pretty large though. Last year I didn’t really have problems lugging it around Australia for a month, but I’m worried about Europe because I’m staying longer after the tour, and will probably be taking lots of buses and trains. Has anyone ever used this type of suitcase when traveling to Europe? after the tour I’m staying in Greece and the UK