Backpack Size


I’m planing to do the mega European and am looking at backpacks.
I’m also planning to stay in Europe for 10months after this time so I’m looking for a backpack that’s big enough to accommodate my time in Europe but the sizes are all to big for the 70 x 50 x 25cm restrictions. Can there be an allowance if the height is is maybe 80-90cm but the rest of the bag is the correct size??
Would love any help you can provide. ;D


I have the same dilemma… I have a wheeled duffel that is 80x40x29 that I want to bring but have been told it is too big!


I asked a baggage size question on the topdeck facebook page, they said that a few CM’s here and there is no problem as long as the weight limit it correct.


Yeah thats what I was told too, but when I asked on this forum was told it was too big. I might give TopDeck a call and see what they say.