Backpack security in hostels


Hi guys,

I was wondering what security is like in the hostels for Topdeck tours. Is it safe to leave your backpack lying around in the room, are you given lockers, etc? I don’t mean to be a party pooper with not trusting anyone, I just want to have an idea of what others have done or are planning on doing.

I was looking at this but maybe it’s a little extreme?

Any help would be great! =)


Security it excellent at most of the places Topdeck chooses to stay. Although I only did the European Getaway (20days) The Pioneer stays at most the same places. You will only be sharing with people from tour so if you trust them then you wont have a problem. Naturally it is better to be safe then sorry, so a small padlock always helps. You are given lockers in Berlin, in Italy the cabins are only twin share so pick a roomie that you can trust (you are only given one key to the room too so if you really want to be safe always have the key). Switzerland is the only place that I would suggest taking extra precautions, there are no locks on the room doors but there are always staff (campsite and Topdeck) hanging around so they will notice anything suspicious. No one from my tour had a problem with anything getting stolen and we werent the most security conscious bunch either.
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Ice T,

I was thinking the same thing. I mean we’re not accusing anyone but you can never be too sure these days. And if someone happens to cart your whole bag off you’re in a bit of a pickle! That Pacsafe protector looks awesome but also expensive! I was thinking along the lines of just a bike chain. I’m going to have all the zippers padlocked anyway, and I could just lock the bag with the bike lock to a bed or something? It’s not fail safe but it will deter people SHOULD the occasion arrive. They’d have to be pretty keen to get through all of that surely:) Any thoughts?



Thank you both for your replies. The pacsafe protector is quite expensive but I never thought of a bike chain. That’s a great idea! =)


I never thought of a bike chain either. I didn’t even consider someone stealing my entire bag until someone brought it up over the weekend.

How big are the lockers usually? Do they fit your entire bag in or just big enough for your daypack and valuables?


Some hostels also have rooms where they lock your big bags away and then you have a locker in the room for other stuff.