Backpack or Suitcase?!?!?!


I am traveling to USA for a tour this year and im wondering should i take a suitcase or a backpack? Whats everyone’S opinions? And pro’s and Con’s for both? This is my first solo travel, and my longest flight yet!


Hi there!
It comes down to personal preference for this one. I did a USA tour end of last year and there was a huge mixture of bags.
In my travels through Europe in the past - I loved using my Backpack, whilst now I would much rather suitcase.
sorry not very helpful :wink:
I would suggest spending a bit extra though and get decent quality then it will last you for ages.


Hey Leah, i have one of each but im just not too sure… i have a hard case suitcase or a big backpack. I think im leaning mroe towards the suitcase, but wasnt sure with hostels and the buses on what is easier! :slight_smile:


Hey @kaylahleigh1997
I would lean towards the hard case suitcase too but either will be fine and they make it work when packing the bus.


Thankyou!!! @leah_mh


I did a tour in the states a few years ago and had a suitcase. Had no issues, plenty space on the bus and in the rooms. My room mate had a pack and always had to unpack everything to find what she wanted where at least with mine it was easy enough to search through and close back up. Only thing I suggest is have something that easily identifies your bag or better yet a bright colour case cause flying into LAX or JFK where everyone is, it’s a mission and a half to find a black or dark colour bag.


I’m pretty lucky, my suitcase is aqua and my backpack is a dark pink! So the colours are OK. I think going to go with a suitcase. It has a hard cover too to protect it a bit more!

Thank you @NZ.Rach


I feel like in the USA, you’re fine with a suitcase. If you were headed to Europe, I’d suggest the backpack, purely because some of the streets are cobblestones, and I watched people with cases struggle. Either way, the trip will be fun.


yeah exactly what I am thinking about. Thanks a lot.