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Hi All

I am doing the European Getaway beginning 1 May, and am buying a backpack for the trip. Being a newbie to backpacking I am curious to know if there is any particular brands I should go for or ones that I should avoid.

At present I can get a good deal on BlackWolf packs (from - for those in Australia) but I have never heard of them so I am unsure whether I should go with them. Or alternatively I could go with a more known brand like Kathmandu…

Any thoughts on this?



Good question Sam, i decided to go with a backpack too and any advice would be great. Is a 75L bag big enough for a 4 week trip?


I bought a Caribee backpack, and I love it. I haven’t gone on my tour yet, but I think it will be perfect! It’s 75L, which I think should be plenty as I want to pack as light as possible, so I have room for the things I’ll buy over there. I really like Caribee, my Dad has been buying their smaller backpacks for years and they’ve always been really good quality. Mine has wheels as well, so I can carry it on my back or wheel it around depending on the terrain.
I don’t know much about BlackWolf packs, but I’ve never heard anything bad about them. I was close to getting a BlackWolf one myself, but I ended up getting my Caribee.


i bought a caribee and did not like it at all. The buckles on it snapped and the lining on the inside ripped, and i had less than 20kg in it. To be fair i did take it on some rough trips and it was a lower end model (i lived out of it for 5 days in the bush) - maybe the more expensive ones are better. Recently bought myself the top Kathmandu bag - hopefully will take it camping soon.


Hey bought the Interloper X-Pac v3 in the 75L pack from Kathmandu about 2-3 years ago and its been great. It has great compartments and access, plus the straps can be zipped up (an extra area you can shove cloths on the flight home) Ive taken it on 3 six week trips to the UK, one week in Nevada, and 3 camping trips and it looks a new as ever. As a girl who packs for all occasions I have pushed the capacity of that bag to its limits :smiley: Everyone says roll your cloths but if you lay everything flat you can fit an amazing amount it there. I’m planning on taking mine on a two week stay in the UK and Spirit of Europe trip this July which works out to be about a 5 week trip. As long as you don’t get silly 75 L will be more then enough, more then that it gets a bit to heavy.
Also Kathmandu have Easter sales on right now and you can pick up packs cheaper :slight_smile:


My last Kathmandu bag lasted me from the age of 16 to 31, so I think I did pretty well out of it and it went through scouts, venturers, 3 tours of Europe, 2 treks around NZ and numerous other hikes etc.

Seriously look at a pack which has the actual backstraps that can be hidden by a zipped compartment - this will save wear and tear on the plane (where it can get chucked around and caught on stuff) and in the bus. A 75L should be plenty (remembering that you also have to carry whatever you pack) but look at getting one that has an included daypack. Also, a pack that zips open like a suitcase will be more convenient than a traditional hiking pack which you access from the top down.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Stacey has it down pat:) I would definitely recommend getting a pack with those three features (a zipper cover to cover the straps, an attachable daypack and a suitcase style opening).

As for brands, having worked in a sports store for over four years, and my partner is a manager of one, I can say that BlackWolf is definitely a good brand to go with. Having said that, I have never personally bought and used one or a Kathmandu one, but I have never heard of any faulty ones. Caribee in my opinion is a category below in quality to BlackWolf. I’m sure that like anything, you get what you pay for, so I would assume Kathmandu brand bags would be better in quality than BlackWolf. But if you are not prepared to fork out the money for one, BlackWolf is certainly a great option.

My partner and I are taking the Cancun 70Lt and Cuba 75Lt BlackWolf packs on our 36 day tour. There are various ‘models’ within the BlackWolf range, basically the more you pay the more features there are (eg the Cuba has padlocks and a rain cover, whereas the Cancun does not).

Hope this helps!! I know it can be confusing with so many people offering their opinions, but when in doubt, work out what your budget is, do your research, and ask shop assistants for help :slight_smile:



I’ve had my Caribee for 3 years and its been awesome. Go for a brand that suits you/has what you need as each brand has different pros & cons. I recommend not getting one that is too cheap (unless its a good sale) as its worth paying a bit more as they will last you for years. Personally, I would make sure you get one with warranty, wheels and as mentioned straps that zip-up. Mine has a shoe compartment too which is handy and covers for the wheels when they get dirty. If you have the cash Northface have really good high quality backpacks.


I just bought my pack at Kathmandu. for the next two weeks they are having a 50% off sale. got a really good pack for only $270.


I also purchased a Kathmandu backpack for $199 about 3 months ago when they had huge sales. It opens like a suitcase and is made of water/rip-proof material (exopak or something like that). It also has an attachable daypack. =)


I ordered a Roman 75 litre bag today.

It has both straps to carry and wheels to drag around. I got it for $179 so pretty stoaked!

PM me for details if interested. FYI I’m in Brisbane though.


Seeking Advise … Going on the european getaway tour… Which bag is more suited to buy
BlackWolf Cancun 80
Kathmandu Hybrid Trolley 65LT