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Hi there,

I’m bringing a compact digital camera and plan to have one or two 32G memory cards to store the photos, however this might not be enough and/or they could be stolen/damaged! I’m not bringing my laptop, nor do I have an iPhone (or anything equivalent), what are people doing to protect their photos?

I’ve considered uploading them via the internet to something like Dropbox, Photobucket or even Facebook. Will there be access to computers and internet at some hotels/hostels? (I’m doing the EuroClub tour).

Any suggestions would be great!




I’m in the same situation! What I think I will be doing will be either posting my memory cards home / keeping the original case they came in and just swapping the memory cards from my camera to the case.

The alternative is (I’m hoping) is going into a camera shop and getting them put onto a cd / USB stick?!

But I would like to know if Internet cafes in Europe have somewhere to slot SD memory cards in hard drives?


Im gonna be taking a card reader and a portable hardrive that run via USB to back my photos onto.


Heya :slight_smile:

Im planning on taking a 8Gb to use and have the 4GB card as a back up, thanks for the tip of using photobucket :slight_smile: I guess it depends on how many photos you want to take? You could always use the time on the bus to edit and delete as well :slight_smile: Prob best to have more cards than you think you will need and then you could always sell them when you get home? :slight_smile:



Does anyone know if taking your camera etc through customs (X-ray) whether or not it can damage your camera / wipe the pictures off? Or is this just some rumour?


It’s a rumour…I have taken my camera through customs many times and no probs :slight_smile:


With old style film cameras the xrays at customs can destroy the film… but digital cameras are definitely fine! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
Xrays for carry on luggage at airports don’t pose any threat to cameras (film or digital). Most machines will have a little sign saying safe for cameras, food, medicines etc.

Here’s some detailed info from Kodak

Can’t wait to see all these photos!

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