Average Age on Tours


I was just wondering what your experience has been with the average ages on the tours. Does it matter which type of tour you go on (i.e. the ones with hotel accomodations have older participants versus hostels). Scanning through the discussion forum, as well as other websites, it appears that the age tends to be 20-26 but the tour operator who booked my trip said it was 25-30 (I’m 28 so not sure if he was just saying it to appease me). I’ll be going on the European Emperor July 20th, which is all hotels.

Thanks much


Hi there!

To be honest every tour is completely different and the age ranges always differ. I would say being on a EuroHotel might improve you chances of being with a slightly older crowd but this is not something I can guarantee. I am 25 and went on a EuroClub trip and can tell you that the majority of people on my trip where in their mid 20s. You should have no problem as everyone of all different ages tend to mix.

Hope you have a great trip!

Topdeck Team


Hey quinnie,

Only speaking from past experiences I’ve had groups mainly 25-30. Having said that there were a handful of 20-ish people who were still quite mature.

Regardless of the age don’t feel put off. Chances are you’ll meet some great people and have a great trip :slight_smile: