:slight_smile: Hello Travellers!
Has anyone been to Europe in September (Autumn)
Can you give me a better description of the weather in the various places?
I am already struggling with what I can pack and sticking under the weight limit!

Emma :slight_smile: ;D B-)


Temps will vary depending in where our going in Europe… I’m traveling late September and from what google can tell me temps will be 25 down to 8 by the time we finish in late October. It’s coming out of summer so expect high teens, low 20’s… Places like Switzerland, Vienna and Prague will get a lot cooler though…


I’m going to travel to England in this year.


I have been to the UK a few times around september, and europe recently in 2010. You can expect it to be cold and wet in the UK and northern europe (paris, berlin, belgium, amsterdam etc) But itll be much warmer in southern europe (barcelona, rome etc) When i was over, I was rugged up in jumpers and scaves and gloves in paris, the next day in barcelona i was in shorts and singlets. Dont fret, clothes can be purchased cheap from street markets in europe. If you dont take all that you need, supplies can be found on the cheap :slight_smile: