Australians doing a tour of Australia



Just wondering whether any Australians have done one of the tours around Australia and whether this is a common thing.


Ive been wondering the same thing.


I’ve thought the same before and I asked one of the guides doing the Snapchat story and he said that they do get them fairly regularly but overseas tourists obviously still out number any aussies


I did the Down South & Outback Aussie tour in May this year. At the start of the tour ~9% of the passengers were Australians. From Adelaide that jumped to nearly 18%. Of course as there were only 11 passengers total at the start and 14 from Adelaide the actual numbers are less significant :-). 1 Aussie (from Brisbane) did the whole tour (and more) and another 1 (from Sydney) and his partner who was in the process of becoming an aussie joined in Adelaide (so 2.5 :slight_smile: ).

I’m from New Zealand and the first Contiki trips I did were in NZ.


Thanks for that.

How was the Down South and Outback tour? That’s the one I’m looking at.


Yeah it was pretty good. I’m more of a hotel type of person so the accommodation was a bit different, but fine.
If you have any specific questions/concerns feel free to ask me here or via direct/personal message.


Australia is a land of dreams. There are different beautiful things to see like, Sydney opera house, Great barrier reef, Uluru-kata tjuta national park, Sydney harbour bridge, Blue mountains national park, Bondi beach, Daintree national park, Fraser island, Kakadu kational park and many more.


Hi Bronte,
I did the Ultimate Surfari in February this year. There was one Kiwi (me) and one Aussie. The trip itself was good, but learning about Australian culture from the tour guide was a bit of a bore, as very similar to home. I’m sure my Aussie companion felt the same way.
Was definitely a good way of getting from A to B and meeting people along the way. And doing activities you wouldn’t normally do. I think the positives outweigh the negatives.
I would recommend it. I’m contemplating doing the a tour where i can see the 12 Apostles.