Australian tour Dec 18 - 31


My name is Stacey and I was wondering if there was anyone going on the Australian tour starting in Cairns on Dec 18 and ending in Sydney on Dec 31 2010. I was wondering if anyone will be staying in Sydney for the celebrations and would enjoy some company!


Hi Stacey

Myself and my boyfriend are doing this tour and i have spoken to 3 other poeple on this site that are doing it. We have just brought tickets to the opera bar for new years,pricey but worth it as only do it once, and i know 2 other people from this tour are also going there. My sisters flys out to meet us for new years eve and is alos coming to the bar. welcome to join us!!!
Cant wait now!!


Hey Stacey,

Hope your well. I’m one of the other two on the tour that Hails has mentioned and your more than welcome to join us all on new years eve, it should be awesome at the opera bar, its right by the bridge. My mate I’m travelling with has a mate who lives in Sydney an he recommended it. We also have a mate flying out to Sydney on the 28th who will join us at the opera bar. We are planning on heading to bondi beach for new years day, i wouldn’t be surprised if we go straight from the opera bar. You an all the others on the group are more than welcome to tag along.

This is going to be a wicked holiday! See you shortly in Cairns with the others.


Thanks for the replies!

How should I go about purchasing tickets for the bar? I’m getting pretty excited for the trip! It’s my first tour and I’ll be traveling by myself!


Hi everyone,

I’m joining the Island Suntanner Reverse tour on the 18th too! I’m travelling on my own and I’m looking forward to meeting you all. I was thinking about getting a ticket for the Opera bar for New Years Eve because it looks fantastic but wondered which tickets you had bought? Was it the Disco Wonderland or Beach House tickets? I’m staying at the Wake Up hostel when I get to Sydney, is anyone else staying there?

:slight_smile: Karen


Firstly, Stacey, google opera bar sydney and then click on new years eve on the home page and you can purchase tickets from there. They email you the tickets.
Secondly - we went for Disco Wonderland, i have heard its mega expensive for drink in sydney but we werent sure if we’d spend the extra they wanted for drinks and being on a travelling budget we went for the cheaper option.
Really cant wait now, although hope it stops raining out there!!


Oh and yes we are staying at the Wake Up until 7th jan


Hi Karen & Satcey,

Me an my mate also went for the cheaper ticket for the opera bar.
We couldn’t get into any hostels in Sydney like you guys have, so are staying at some business hotel 20 Min’s by train away. Cant complain though looks awesome.
See you shortly


I really wish that I could join you guys at the Opera bar. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing time. I really don’t have the money unfortunately. Thanks for letting me know about it!