Australian applying for Brittish passport while visiting London


Hey there!

So Im curious to see whether anybody is an Australian who is eligible for a British passport as one of there parents was born in the UK and applied for their passport while traveling.
I have decided a month before my one month trip through London and Europe that I am going to stay on and live and work!
You have to have been in the UK for 6 weeks prior to applying and it takes about 6 weeks but has anybody had any problems and did you need to have the original documents from your parents birth certs etc??

Thanks for any tips!


I didn’t apply while travelling, but I do have both an Australian and a British passport.

To get the UK one, I had to send both parents birth certificates and their marriage certificate as well as my Australian passport. I think it only took about 3 weeks, but that was 7 years ago.



I got mine about 8 years ago, but from what I understand you can’t be travelling while applying as they may need you to attend the embassy with the new process. Mine also took 12 weeks as my mum (Australian) had been married before to a non UK and this was an issue for some reason.

There has also been a lot of cut downs on dual citizenship in the last few years in some cases you have to pick which citizenship you want and give up the other. Maybe just give the embassy a call before applying?

In regards to the documents you need everything original both parents birth certificates your birth certificate and their marriage certificate along with any previous marriage and divorce certificates. It’s a pretty lengthy process to try and get it sorted and there was a lot of correspondence back and forth between me and the embassy